Beer Drinking Rules

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Beer Drinking Rules

You are officially cut-off if you break these rules.

Rule 101 --- No Dual-Openers

Anyone accidentally opening another beer, before finishing their current beer, is cut off.

Rule 102 --- No Spillage

Spilling any amount of beer will get you cut off and thrown out! You better come up with one hell of an excuse to get out of this one.

Rule 103 --- No Ghosting

Forgetting where you left your beer is only forgiven if you don't break the "5 second rule." Remember where it is in 5 seconds or less and you may continue to indulge.

Rule 104 --- No Freeloading

You may show up once without bringing your own supply. After that, you are cut off!

Rule 105 --- No Carousing

Under no circumstances may you hit on your bud's spouse, unless your bud says it's okay!

Rule 106 --- No Warm Brew

Bringing warm (non refrigerated) beer just pisses us off!

Rule 107 --- No Hyper-Pumpering

Take it easy on the keg, you only have to pump it once or twice while the tap is OPEN, get it?

Rule 108 --- No Pretenders

You either can or can't handle your beer, 'nuff said.

Rule 109 --- No Ahhh Shit's

An ahhh shit is what most of us say when we open the freezer and discover that we left beer in too long! We've all done it, but three Ahhh Shit's and you're outta here!