The story: One night I was looking over some code I had written for one of the servers at work. There was a function in particular that I did not like how it was done. Then the thought struck me to search the net to see if anyone else might have tried to do the same thing. Someone had. It did not produce output quite like I wanted, but I did like how it did its thing. So I copied and modified it. Thinking the original author might like what I had done, I posted a comment to his page (it was a blog entry) with a copy of my modified version. A couple of days later he asked me if I could post my code on my site and then he link to it from my comment. Either he liked the code or thought I could make the code display better than his blog comments could. That got me to thinking: "I bet I could whip up something to handle multiple code snippets I have done". And that is what you now behold. If you use any of this, just add link back to this page in your modified source code. At least then you will have some deniabilty.